No More Than 10%

This publication acts as a tongue-in- cheek critique as well as ode to the idiosyncracies of the contemporary art fair circuit. Presenting themselves and their most desireable works within temporary wall constructions that sometimes feel closer to labirinths for lab mice rather than the idealized white cube they seem to derive from, gallerists and dealers make every effort to keep their booths pristine. But after the hours of work – installing, socializing, selling – rise into the double digits, one is forced to plug in their most essential devices, often bearing Apple logos: phones, tablets, and laptops. The “phone pictures” collected in this book present a dizzying sequence of corners, floors, and carpets punctuated by strewn cables and devices oftentimes placed curiously close to works of art.

Stitch-bound publication, 36 pages, 19 × 14 cm
Edition of 200, hand-numbered
Published by Have a Nice Day Press, Milan, Italy